Ryukyu Kings

Okinawa's Best!

PALS Thailand 2011:D2 Champion

Here are the final results for PALS Thailand 2011:

Divison 1
Champions - Infernal (Thailand)

2nd - Datis (Iran)
3rd - SWAT (Australia)
4th - STK (Australia)

Division 2
Champions - Ryukyu Kings (Japan)   <====

2nd - Lakehill CAT (Thailand)
3rd - Do Do Flingueurs (France)
4th - Naga (Thailand)

Division 3
Champions - Saensuk (Thailand)

2nd - CMX Hamoon (Malaysia)
3rd - United Paintallers of the Philippines (Philippines)
4th - KSK Flash (Malaysia)

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5 Man Interservice Tournament.

1st Place:

Ryukyu Kings A.

Team Members:

Jimmy TEX Lanicek

Val Vegas Cabase

Brian Shoe Shoemaker

Jim Hullet

James Tamarra


2nd Place:

US Marine Team.

Team Members:

Ed Sasquatch Chaffin






3rd Place:

Window Lickers.

Team Members:

Halloween Havoc 21st Oct. 2007  3vs.3

1st    Gunny



2nd  Sonny



3rd  Jesse


       don't know


Blackhawk Down Tournament!

Kings Plus take first, after a LONG day going undefeated in the woods.

Jim- King

Val- King

Tei- King

Sonny- King

Brandon- Plus

Brian- King 

Gilby- Plus

Jason- Plus

Jimmy- King

"Cinco de Mayo" Tournament

First and Second Place

"Ides of March" Ceasar Tournament

First Place

"Sandman" Okuma 2 Day Tournament

Second Place

3 Man Speedball Tournament

The Ryukyu Kings placed 1st and 2nd in the 3 Man Speedball Tournament held by 18 Services, Kadena, Japan.

First Place Team




Second Place Team